Multi-Vent Mask (Venturi Mask)

Multi-vent (Venturi System) Air Entrainment Mask is a safe, simple method of delivery for variable concentrations of oxygen.

Кат.№: GCR10120(1-7) Размерный ряд: S-XL Категория: . Тэги: , .
Multi-Vent Mask (Venturi Mask) MEDEREN

Product Features

  • Safe, simple delivery of variable oxygen concentrations.
  • Each mask includes color-coded, low and medium-concentration diluters.
  • Locking ring secures flow setting.
  • Includes adaptor for high humidity entrainment.
  • Complete with 7-ft, oxygen supply tubing.
  • Transparent and green is available.

Available Configuration

Ref. No.: Size: Color: Qty.Cs:
GCR101603 Adult Elongated (XL) Green 100
GCR101601 Adult (L) Green 100
GCR101607 Pediatric Elongated (M)


GCR101605 Pediatric (S) Green 100